Little girl in Aleppo documents war in tweets

Bana Alabed (7) and her mother Fatemah are using Twitter to tell horror stories about the war in Syria.

Seven-year-old Bana Alabed. Picture: Twitter @AlabedBana.

JOHANNESBURG - If you had no idea what was happening in Syria, the tweets from a seven-year-old girl living in Aleppo should catch your attention.

Seven-year-old Bana Alabed, along with her mother Fatemah, are using Twitter to tell horror stories about the war that has left Aleppo in tatters.

The little girl's tweets have become the voice of many other residents of Aleppo, giving the world a glimpse of life under siege in Aleppo.

Syrian forces supported by Iranian-backed militias and Russian air power began their push to take the whole of the divided city after a ceasefire collapsed last month.

An air campaign by the Syrian government and its allies has been reinforced by a ground offensive against the besieged eastern half of Aleppo, where insurgents have been holding out. Hospitals have been badly hit in the assault, medics say.

Airstrikes have killed 96 children in five days in rebel-held eastern Aleppo. Most of the public schools in the region have been destroyed in the warfare.

Bana has asked the world to pray for Syria and urging the government to stop the war: