Wits poll: Preliminary results show 91% of staff want to resume lectures

The poll took place on Friday with about 2,200 staff members having participated.

Wits University Academics add their voice to ongoing fee protests at the university. Picture: Dineo Bendile/EWN.

JOHANNESBURG - Preliminary results from the poll taken by the Wits University community to determine whether protests should come to an end, show that 91% of staff members who participated want the academic programme to resume tomorrow.

The poll took place on Thursday with about 2,200 staff members having participated.

The university decided to have a poll after they received communication from thousands of concerned staff, students and parents asking that they intervene in the ongoing protests at the institution.

The university is expected to reveal the final poll results today at 5pm.

The university's Shirona Patel said, "The preliminary results show that 91% of those who responded want to go back to class tomorrow and about 8% disagreed and 1% sent blank emails."