ANC's top brass meet to discuss way forward

The ruling party’s four-day meeting continues today & leaders say they’ll focus on rebuilding confidence.

African National Congress leaders continued discussions during its national executive meeting on 1 October 2016. Picture: @MYANC.

JOHANNESBURG - As the ANC national executive committee's (NEC) four-day meeting continues today, the party's top officials say they'll focus on rebuilding confidence with members.

The NEC has been visiting local branches in the last three weeks, getting feedback after the party's performance in this year's municipal elections.

It took a resolution at its last meeting to deal with the party's setbacks following a dismal result at the polls.

The ruling party's Zizi Kodwa says the focus of this meeting is to process the criticisms received from the branches.

"Among other things, we will focus on rebuilding the confidence of the ANC members to the ANC, and also to reconnect and reclaim with the lost crowd in areas because we must build a future for the ANC with generations to come."

Kodwa says the time for mourning the poor results of the municipal polls is over.

"We will now do sectoral meetings. We will meet with communities, faith-based organisations and NGOs, to find out what issues they want the ANC to address."

The committee will give a report on what measures need to be taken to deal with factionalism in the ANC.

Kodwa says questions around the capability of the NEC's leadership have been raised.

"The process is already underway and it's being led by officials. We want the 2017 national conference to unite with the ANC, we don't want a congress that further disintegrates the African National Congress."

At the same time, the NEC will also be discussing the reputation of the organisation and its ability to deal with issues.

It says it will report back on the current higher education crisis in the country and state-owned enterprises.