UCT to ‘deal with’ claims of staff intimidation

In a letter, a UCT staff member says that the mental and emotional states of employees are at risk.

FILE: The University of Cape Town. Picture: Aletta Harrison/EWN

CAPE TOWN - University of Cape Town (UCT) vice-chancellor Max Price says claims of staff intimidation and other issues that have arisen as a result of fees demonstrations will be dealt with.

Eyewitness News is in possession of a letter from a UCT employee, in which she highlights how recent disruptions on campus have impacted on admin staff in particular.

The university has been shut down for a second week and will reopen on Monday.

In the letter, the UCT staff member writes that the mental and emotional states of employees are at risk.

She highlights several problems including having to work while fire alarms are set off regularly, operating in a dark building behind locked doors and being too scared to go to the bathroom.

The vice-chancellor says they are not taking these concerns lightly.

"Some of the behaviour of the protesters goes beyond anything that's illegal and where we've identified those students, we will charge them if we think their offences are criminal."

Price has called on staff to report any incidents in which they feel threatened, intimidated or unsafe.