SPCA wants harsher sentences for illegal hunters

The SPCA says it's forced to care for dogs used in the illegal hunts until the legal process runs its course.

The SPCA confiscated a pack of greyhounds that were used in illegal hunting. Picture: Aletta Harrison/EWN

CAPE TOWN - The Cape of Good Hope SPCA is calling for harsher sentences for people who use dogs for illegal hunting.

It comes as six men are due in court today for allegedly using a pack of greyhounds to kill wild animals along the West Coast.

The hunting instinct may be in their nature, but the SPCA says dogs are exploited throughout South Africa to hunt for sport.

WATCH: The dogs exploited for illegal hunting

It's currently caring for a pack of greyhounds after the animals' owners were caught with the carcass of a porcupine and a cape fox near Melkbosstrand in July.

SPCA Wildlife Inspector Shaun Giles believes current deterrents are not sufficient.

"Penalties for people caught hunting with dogs are too lenient. Even a straight forward denial of ownership if you are caught indulging in these acts should be in place."

The animal welfare organisation says although it would be in the dogs' interests to be adopted, they are forced to care for the animals until the legal process runs its course.