Wits students to vote on resuming classes

The Independent Electoral Commission has confirmed that it will oversee the voting process.

FILE: Students hurl rocks at private security at Senate House at Wits University during fees must fall protests. Picture: Nina Leslie/i-Witness

JOHANNESBURG - Wits University says its poll will continue as planned this morning after the Johannesburg High Court ruled in favour of the university.

Yesterday, a group of student leaders approached the court to challenge the referendum, saying it is unfair and non-transparent.

On Tuesday, the university confirmed it would be running a poll for students and staff to have their views heard, regarding the resumption of academic activities, after receiving hundreds of emails calling for the academic program to resume.

The Independent Electoral Commission has confirmed it will oversee the poll.

Wits University spokesperson Shirona Patel says: "The Wits poll will go ahead today, it will open 7am and run up until 4pm.

"This poll will basically ask students and staff to respond to a question and that's if they want to return to the academic programme on Monday. Security has been put in place."

She says if the majority vote yes the academic program will resume.

"If majority of students respond and say yes they want to continue on Monday then the university will ensure that sufficient security is put in place so that the academic programme can continue."