UCT staff accuses management of disregarding admin section

An employee says the mental and emotional states of employees are at risk.

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CAPE TOWN - The University of Cape Town (UCT) admin staff affected by student protests have called on the university to take their mental and emotional wellbeing into account.

Eyewitness News is in the possession of a letter from a UCT employee, in which she highlights how recent disruptions on campus have impacted on staff members.

Ikeys has been shut down for a second week and will reopen on Monday.

In the letter, the staff member states she believes the admin section of the university is being completely disregarded.

The employee writes the mental and emotional states of employees are at risk.

She highlights several problems, including having to work while fire alarms are set off regularly, operating in a dark building behind locked doors and being too scared to go to the bathroom.

The staffer states despite psychological assistance being made available, the waiting list is long.

The UCT employee, who wishes to remain anonymous, asks managers whether it's not time to take hard core decisions about the way forward.