Rhodes University management outraged by evidence of police brutality

The university says it is disturbed by footage of police manhandling students and plans to raise its concerns.

A man is dragged into a police van after officers fired rubber bullets at protesting students at Rhodes University on 28 September 2016. Picture: Screengrab

CAPE TOWN - Rhodes University management says it's outraged at how police manhandled and shot at students on campus.

This after a video taken by student publication, Oppidan Press, shows a male student been dragged to a police van by officers. He was questioning officers on why they opened fire at demonstrators, apparently without provocation.

The footage shows a visibly traumatised student, who was apparently hit by a rubber bullet.

WATCH: Students angry after cops drag peer, fire rubber bullets at Rhodes University

Rhodes University says it is disturbed by the footage and plans to raise its concerns with police management.

At least 11 students were arrested, while several others were hurt.

The director of student affairs visited wounded students at a local hospital last night.

Police say the situation on campus is calm today, with some protesters picketing.


Meanwhile, the Independent Police Investigative Directorate (Ipid) says any member of the public who believes the police have engaged in brutality, which amounts to assault, is entitled to open a case.

Officers have also been accused of brutality for their conduct at a protest at Rhodes University yesterday.

A video has emerged showing the officers shooting rubber bullets at demonstrating students, as well as dragging a protester along the ground, before he was detained in the back of a van.

Ipid's Robbie Raburabu says the directorate will investigate any complaint that's reported.

"Police brutality can come in any form, to be more specific it's assault. An assault can be reported to the police, who in turn report to Ipid as is required by [the directorate].

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