#Fees2017: 10 students arrested in Rhodes University protest

Academic activities at the Eastern Cape institution remain suspended for a sixth day.

A man is dragged into a police van after officers fired rubber bullets at protesting students at Rhodes University on 28 September 2016. Picture: Screenbgrab

CAPE TOWN - Ten students have been arrested at Rhodes University during Fees Must Fall protests on campus.

Academic activities at the Eastern Cape institution remain suspended for a sixth day.

The Student Representative Council last night sent out a letter to students calling for a mass stay away while they engage with management over demands for free-fee tertiary education.

The police's Luvuyo Mjekula says the situation on campus is tense.

"Ten students in total were arrested - five for violating an interdict and another five for malicious damage to property. They started blockading the road, and pelting police vehicles with stones [which resulted] in police having to fire rubber bullets."

Meanwhile, students at Fort Hare University have rejected calls by management to return to class after a three-week stay away.

The university is now considering the possibility of a total shutdown and sending all students home for the rest of the year.


In a video of the incident, a female student is heard screaming "stop shooting at us", while officers fire rubber bullets.

The student, accompanied by a male counterpart, then gets into altercation with officers, she is then heard saying that one of the officers shoved her first.

A male student in heard screaming "Amandla" (power) just seconds before the police open fire on students standing on wall screaming back "Awethu" (is ours).

The same male student is then dragged into a police van.

WARNING: This video contains some expletives

Students have responded on Eyewitness News Twitter page, refuting claims of any violent exchange between them and the police.

They have claimed the police's version of events is untrue, and accused them of lying.