Board of Convocations condemns destruction of university property

The interim board's chairperson has called the violent student protests unacceptable.

FILE: A student tries to break a concrete dustbin for ammunition during skirmishes with private security at Senate House at Wits University. Picture: Nina Leslie/i-Witness

JOHANNESBURG - The Interim Board of Convocations and Alumni has called for an immediate end to destruction of property and violent demonstrations at the country's universities.

The board met with Higher Education Minister Blade Nzimande in Pretoria today to discuss the fees-related unrest at various institutions.

Nzimande has also called for an investigation into the death of a worker at Wits who died after inhaling chemicals from a fire extinguisher which had been set off by protesting students.

The interim board's chairperson Sanele Zondi says the violent protests are unacceptable.

"We strongly condemn the destruction of university property and the disruption of teaching and learning. We feel strongly that those who are caught destroying university property should face the full wrath of the law, as this behaviour destroys the future of those that are still to come in the into the university system."

Nzimande says the majority of students must make their voices heard.

"Why are you allowing yourselves to be held hostage by a minority of violent students and allow your careers to be destroyed? Is it not time for those students to stand up and say 'no not in our name'."