Donald Trump’s ‘bigly’ and ‘braggadocious’ night

The US republican candidate didn’t let grammar rules get in the way of a good quote.

FILE: Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump in March 2016. Picture: AFP.

JOHANNESBURG - US presidential candidate Donald Trump can now add 'lexiconnoisseur' to his list of amazing achievements.

During Monday's televised debate between Trump and Democrat candidate Hillary Clinton, he used two words that had people reaching for their dictionaries.

Trump proudly declared, "I'm going to cut taxes bigly, and you're going to raise taxes bigly!"

But this isn't the first time he used the word, having uttered it during his Indiana primary victory speech in May.

WATCH: Trump getting 'Bigly' with it

On Monday he also stated, "I wrote the Art of the Deal. I say not in a braggadocious way."

Merriam-Webster was quick to respond.

Merriam-Webster added that while Trump has used 'braggadocious' previously in earlier debates, the word was not common enough to merit an entry in its dictionary.

Perhaps Trump was simply trying to emulate former US president George W Bush who was responsible for the creation of 'misunderestimated'.