Poulter declares surgery a success

The surgery took place last Friday and Leeroy Poulter gave an update on his health from his hospital bed.

Leeroy Poulter and his wife Michela. Picture: Derek Alberts/EWN Sport.

JOHANNESBURG - South African National Rally and Cross-Country champion Leeroy Poulter is recovering well, after an anomalous growth was removed from the right side of his brain.

The surgery took place last Friday, and speaking to EWN Sport from his hospital bed, Poulter declared the procedure a success.

"It's a good outcome. The doctor removed the whole mass and there's no further damage. We're just waiting for the lab results. I'm feeling better every day, of course there's a lot of pain and swelling, but my walking and balance have improved."

Poulter has represented the Toyota Gazoo Racing Team at the past three Dakar Rallies in South America, and was selected to compete again at the 2017 event in January.

He didn't rule out the possibility of a return.

"The doctors say I must take it easy for a while, and then we can discuss things further. We will assess my progress leading up to Dakar, and then make the decision."