Edward Zuma: I'll defend my father with my life

Edward says anyone who would try to kill the president, would have to kill him first.

President Jacob Zuma. Picture: GCIS.

JOHANNESBURG - President Jacob Zuma's son Edward Zuma says his uncle has reason to be concerned about the president's safety although he is not under any known threat.

According to the Sunday Times, president Zuma's brother, Michael Zuma and his wife Maxulu, fear that Zuma's enemies might kill him and say it would be safer if he went back to Nkandla.

During a sitting in Parliament earlier this month, president Zuma pleaded with the presiding officer to protect him from what he called abuse in the National Assembly.

But Edward says anyone who would try to kill the president, would have to kill him first.

"This a reaction you'd expect from my brother. It shows the love Michael Zuma has for his brother. What people would then want to believe I don't think they shouldn't read into that?

"If anybody would want to kill him, that person would have to start killing men first because I'll defend my father with my life."

ANC Chief Whip Jackson Mthembu wants to change Parliament's rules to create new measures to defend Zuma against abusive members of Parliament.

The paper is reporting that Mthembu has written to Parliament's Rules Committee to consider how to deal with circumstances where people do things in defiance and outside of the rules

In Parliament earlier this month the Economic Freedom Fighters and other parties staged a walk out as president Zuma was about to address the national assembly, calling him a criminal and a thief.

Mthembu is reportedly under pressure to tame opposition parties and down the noise that has made Zuma uncomfortable every time he visits parliament.

Opposition parties have strongly rejected the move and are ready to oppose it in Parliament.