Watch: The night DJ Black Coffee lost his cool & slapped AKA's manager

It's reported there was some issue with the time schedule on who was supposed to perform next.

Dj Black Coffee. Picture: Supplied

JOHANNESBURG - International award-winning, DJ Black Coffee, slapped SA hip-hop artist AKA's manager, Tshiamo Letshwene, in what appeared to an altercation in Polokwane on Saturday night.

In a short video, Black Coffee is seen talking to two men, and while the conversation is still going, the house music producer suddenly unleashes a slap, hitting Letshwene in the face, causing his hat to fall.

Those around quickly restrained the DJ, in an attempt to stop the fight.

It's reported there was confusion with around time schedules and who was due to perform next at DSTV iRock Music Festival.

It's claimed AKA's band was two hours late for the show.

Soon after the incident, AKA went on social media to vent his frustration, but music fans didn't buy his side of the story.