Group using Madiba quote against same sex couples out of context slammed

The Nelson Mandela Foundation says Children’s Future is using Mandela’s image and quotes to discriminate.

FILE: A file photo taken on 6 December, 2013 shows a framed image of former South African president Nelson Mandela as people pay tributes following his death, in Johannesburg. Picture: AFP.

JOHANNESBURG - The Nelson Mandela Foundation has lashed out at an Australian anti-gay marriage group that's been using Madiba's images and quotes out of context to campaign against same sex relationships.

The foundation says an organisation in that country called "Children's Future" is using Mandela's image and quotes to infer that the late former president was opposed to same sex marriage.

The campaign claims that changing Australia's Marriage Act would make schools unsafe.

The Nelson Mandela Foundation's Verne Harris says the organisation objects to the misuse of Madiba's legacy.

"The organisation used a quote from a speech Madiba made in 1997. The irony is that that speech was given during a men's march where Madiba was joining the campaign against the abuse of women and children and now a quote like that gets used precisely to discriminate."