South Sudan refugee: Intimidation by soldiers has become unbearable

Kevin Foni was 8 months pregnant when she fled the violence in South Sudan by foot.

Kevin Foni with her baby. Picture: Aurelie Kalenga/EWN.

SOUTH SUDAN - A young woman born at a refugee camp 21 years ago says she feels her life has come full circle after giving birth at the Nyamanzi refugee transit post along Uganda's border.

Kevin Foni's parents fled South Sudan in 1995 due to the civil war.

Just two months ago a heavily pregnant Foni had to make the same dangerous journey, following clashes between President Salva Kiir and his rival Riek Machar in July, in which at least 300 people were killed.

Foni was eight months pregnant when she started her week long journey, fleeing the violence in south Sudan.

She says the intimidation by soldiers and the bloodshed has become unbearable.

"In 2006 they were repatriated, but they keep coming back."

Foni says she never thought her daughter would be born under the same circumstances as her.

"I feel bad, I want my child to be educated."

She is currently living at the first point of entry for many south Sudanese fleeing the war in their country, they are screened, given water and a hot meal, before being registered and later sent to an official refugee camp.