UPDATE: Wits students take #FeesMustFall protest to streets of Braamfontein

Earlier, students went through residences to mobilise students to join their demonstration.

A student uses a fire extinguisher to create cover during skirmishes with private security at Wits University. Picture: Nina Leslie/i-Witness

JOHANNESBURG - Despite warnings from heavily armed police, protesting Wits University students have left campus and are now marching on the streets of Braamfontein, disrupting traffic.

They say they want to visit other institutions in Braamfontein and Rosebank to mobilise students to join the protest.

Earlier, students were locked in a meeting inside the Great Hall to discuss their strategy amid demands that private security guards be removed from campus.

They went through residences to mobilise students to join their demonstration, which has been bolstered by workers employed by the institution.

Students marched through the campus making sure that all shops are closed and that no worker is on duty.

They mobilised everyone to join the demonstration, which they say will not stop until government accedes to their demand for free education.

The Wits Fees Must Fall leader Busisiwe Seabe says they want private security guards to be removed.

"We have seen with Fort Hare, we have seen it with the University of KwaZulu-Natal what private security does to students. If it's not physically assaulting students, it's raping [them] and falsely accusing students and getting them suspended."

She says the university has warned them against contravening a court order by threatening and disrupting other students but says students are willing to risk arrest in the fight for free education.

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