Students want UCT to tackle sexual violence, safety on campus

More than 100 University of Cape Town students occupied the library at the Hiddingh campus.

University of Cape Town students at Hiddingh campus discussing the issues they face at campus. Picture: Monique Mortlock/EWN.

CAPE TOWN - Protesting University of Cape Town (UCT) students at the Hiddingh campus have raised issues of sexual violence and safety on campus.

More than 100 students occupied the library at the campus in the CBD.

The students say they want all academic activities shut down at the institution.

At the start of the meeting students stated that those guilty of sexual offences must leave the room.

A prominent figure in the Fees Must Fall movement was singled out by name and asked to leave, because he has allegedly sexually assaulted women on campus.

Students at the Hiddingh campus discussed various issues they wanted management to address, like a demand for more security personnel on campus.

There has also been a call for better sanitation facilities like free pads or tampons in bathrooms.

Students also wanted the Jammie Shuttle service to run on time, especially in the evenings when students have to wait alone at bus stops.

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