Protesting Wits students remain adamant despite risking arrest

Tensions remain high at Wits University on day three of a total shutdown of the institution.

A student tries to break a concrete dustbin for ammunition during skirmishes with private security at Senate House at Wits University. Picture: Nina Leslie/i-Witness

JOHANNESBURG - Tensions remain high at Wits University on day three of a total shutdown of the institution, where students say they remain resolute on their call for free higher education and won't be backing down despite risking arrest.

Officers used stun grenades and rubber bullets this afternoon in an attempt to push students off the streets of Braamfontein and back onto campus in downtown Johannesburg.

One officer and at least one student were injured in the violent clashes.

Police have confirmed two students have been arrested.

This student says their message is clear.

"We don't have bursaries. We don't have rich parents but we want to learn."

It appears students are now mapping out their next strategy in their fight for free education continues.


While it's not clear what the students are planning for this evening, police reinforcements have been brought onto the university's campus to monitor their movements.

The injured officer and student are now recovering in hospital.

Students have gathered at the Wits Great Hall this evening to discuss their strategy.

One student says they will continue demonstrating, no matter the risk.

While the situation remains tense, police reinforcements will keep an eye on gatherings throughout the evening.