Herman Mashaba: City of JHB tender process to be transparent

The mayor has announced that the tender process in the City will soon be open to public scrutiny.

Johannesburg Mayor Herman Mashaba. Picture: YouTube screengrab.

JOHANNESBURG - Johannesburg Mayor Herman Mashaba has announced that the awarding of tenders in the City of Johannesburg will soon be transparent and open to public scrutiny.

This would be a first for the City.

Mashaba says he wants to put an end to "the days of important decisions relating to the use of public money being made behind closed doors -where corruption is able to raise its ugly head."

He says he has written to city manager, Trevor Fowler, instructing him to start the process of amending the City's supply chain management policy.

His spokesperson Tony Taverna-Turisan says, "We find it quite baffling that up to this day the tender process has been kept secret from the public; 22 years into our democracy. It makes us wonder what the previous administration was hiding."