Zuma: Large movements of refugees present unique challenges

Speaking at the UN, President Zuma called for the root causes of the migrant crisis to be addressed.

FILE: President Jacob Zuma. Picture: GCIS

PRETORIA - President Jacob Zuma says South Africa recognises that the large movements of refugees and migrants present unique challenges to affected states.

South Africa also cautions countries not to forget that the plight of forcibly displaced persons should be treated with equal concern, whether they form part of large or small movements of people.

Speaking at the United Nations high-level debate on the large numbers of migrants and refugees, Zuma says our common humanity requires that we respect each person's human dignity in equal measure.

No instance should enjoy more attention and concern than the other. He says the root causes of this phenomenon must be addressed.

Under-development is a key driver of the displacement of people and in turn can lead to armed conflict.

A concerted global effort to address the questions of under-development and armed conflict should, therefore, be a central focus of all member states.