#FeesMustFall: Violence breaks out at Wits amid student protests

Earlier, students were arrested for blocking the main entrance to the institution’s Braamfontein campus.

Wits University students clash with police and campus security during the #Fees2017 protests. Picture/: Clement Manyathela/EWN.

JOHANNESBURG - After violent running battles between protesting students and private security guards, it appears protesters have now been allowed to occupy the Great Hall at Wits University.

Earlier this afternoon, students and campus security clashed near the Great Hall.

As protesting students flung stones and rocks at campus security, they retaliated with stun grenades.

Students were prevented from entering the Great Hall and the two parties threw stones at each other just before some students raised their hands in surrender.

#Fees2017 it seems protesters are now allowed into the great hall. CM pic.twitter.com/hcYDCb9cWU

#Fees2017 chaotic scenes outside the Great Hall. CM pic.twitter.com/RfuGYec25E

Earlier, Wits University students abandoned their plan to march to the Hillbrow Police Station to demand the release of 31 students who were arrested earlier today.

The students were handcuffed by police for blocking the main entrance to the institution's Braamfontein campus and disrupting academic activities inside the campus.

Students around the country are protesting against the revised fee adjustment for 2017 announced by Minister Blade Nzimande.

#Fees2017 students have arrived on main campus. WATCH CM pic.twitter.com/UPmSzm15K8

Protesting students have now blocked Victoria Avenue Street, marching towards Braamfontein, back to the main campus.

Earlier, they were chanting and singing songs while being escorted by police.

One of the leaders Mukovhe Masutha says they remain resolute on their demand.

"We don't accept the zero fee increment for next year because it means we afford fees as they stand and that is our main objection."

Earlier, students were met with stun grenades when they tried to block the roads around Wits.

The detained Wits students are still awaiting their release.

It's quiet at the police station where Wits students are still waiting to find out what happens next.

Students were brought here at around 6am for contravening part of a court interdict which prevents students from blocking people from leaving or entering campus.

#Fees2017 students singing "Senzeni na"....police don't want them on main street. CM WATCH pic.twitter.com/1FNtqP6lBX

Speaking on behalf of the protesters- suspended wits student Vuyani Pambo says they've been unfairly arrested.

"They've been charged with violating an interdict which in our view goes against the Constitution. The situation is, we are waiting for them to be processed but as far as we've had a communication with the police is that they are going to be released on warning."

It's understood various legal parties are trying to negotiate the release of students without charges.

Meanwhile, as protesting Wits University students march back to the institution's main campus, police have warned them against disrupting academic activities, saying they will be arrested if they do.