‘Desmond Tutu responding well to treatment’

Desmond Tutu was readmitted to hospital on Saturday after being at home for only three days.

Archbishop Desmond Tutu surrounded by his wife Leah Tutu, daughter Mpho Tutu Von Furth, Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa and Western Cape African National Congress secretary Faiez Jacobs. Picture: Benny Gool/iWitness.

CAPE TOWN - Canon Mpho Tutu van Furth says her father is responding well to the treatment he's been receiving in hospital.

Tutu van Furth briefed the media on Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu condition this afternoon.

The Nobel Peace laureate was readmitted to hospital on Saturday after being at home for only three days after a two-week hospital stay.

#Tutu says rumors circulating on social media about her father being dead is "unkind" @MoniqueMortlock pic.twitter.com/SUGPt1PhkC

#Tutu says the Arch is responding well to treatment. @MoniqueMortlock pic.twitter.com/CcxR5wxPNX

She says her father picked up an infection after minor surgery he underwent about two weeks ago.

She adds while the infection was unwelcome, it was not unexpected because previous therapies the Arch had had slowed down his healing.

She says her mother, Leah Tutu, had spotted the infection early enough to ensure the Archbishop started anti-biotic therapy immediately.

Tutu van Furth says doctors have been able to identify the microbe that caused the infection and have placed him on the correct treatment.

Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa visited the Arch in hospital this morning along with provincial African National Congress secretary Faiez Jacobs.

Tutu van Furth says the Arch was in high spirits during the visit.

At the same time, Tutu van Furth says her father was unaware of false reports of his death.

A hoax website had reported the Arch had died.

The African National Congress Women's League had to issue an apology after its Secretary General Meokgo Matuba passed on the organisation's condolences to the Tutu family, based on what she had read on the hoax site.

Tutu van Furth says they had to reassure panicked family and friends that the Arch was recovering in hospital.

"Members of the family had panicked, there were calls from various friends and supporters around the world asking if he was okay. He is healing very well and the doctors are very impressed with his progress."