International drifting champion thrilled to boost SA racing

Mike Whiddett says he is excited to help boost SA’s growing interest in the driving style.

Mike Whiddett pictured drag racing in Cape Town. Picture: Kevin Brandt/EWN.

CAPE TOWN - International drifting champion Mike Whiddett says he is thrilled to help boost South Africa's growing interest in the driving style.

The New Zealand-born motoring sensation is in Cape Town as part of the Wheels of Fury event at the Grand West Casino, to crown the country's drift champion.

#WheelsOfFury Elimination round now underway at Grand West Casino. #MadMike set to wow the crowd in a bit. KB

Drifting involves drivers using their throttle, brakes, clutch and gears to keep their cars in oversteer as they negotiate the track.

Fans of The Fast and the Furious gathered at a racing track set up at the casino, to see world renowned the drifting master in action.

Whiddett, known as Mad Mike because of his jaw-dropping techniques, says he is glad to be able to showcase his work on local shores.

"It's my first time in South Africa and I'm stoked to be here. With the social media following , I have over two million fans and many of them come from here, so I've brought one of our cars up here to run some demonstrations for the guys."

The king of drift says that despite the thrills generated by this form of motorsport, safety remains an integral aspect.

#WheelsOfFury Mad Mike says safety remains an integral part of #Drifting. Here he is in his Mazda SP3 RX8. KB