Cape Town not done with winter yet

A weather forecaster says that Cape Town can expect to have cold fronts all the way into November.

FILE: Wet and dark conditions. Picture: Katharyn Williams-Jaftha/EWN

CAPE TOWN - Heavy rains are expected to continue throughout the day as a cold front engulfs the Peninsula.

The front made landfall overnight.

Disaster risk management teams are on high alert in the event of flooding.

Forecaster Henning Gobler says this is not the last cold front just yet.

"We will still have some more cold fronts. Our winter season is not over yet in Cape Town, and we can receive cold fronts right up to November and October. So definitely not the last cold front."

The South African Weather Service says Gauteng residents can expect rainy weather from Saturday.

Forecasters say temperatures are expected to drop in the province this weekend with the mercury expected to peak at just 12 degrees in Johannesburg on Sunday.