Protesting Maties students abandon sit-in

Students have agreed to leave the JS Gericke Library after reaching interim agreement with management.

Professor Wim de Villiers is appointed as new Maties Rector and Vice Chancellor. Picture: Giovanna Gerbi/EWN

CAPE TOWN -The JS Gericke Library at Stellenbosch University has been re-opened after a meeting with management.

Students staged a sit-in on campus overnight.

Management and protesting Stellenbosch University students have reached an interim agreement after staging a sit in on campus overnight.

The group agreed to leave the library pending a follow-up meeting with the university's rector and vice-chancellor, Wim de Villers to discuss their grievances, which include tuition fees being scrapped.

The facility has since been reopened, but security officials remain on high alert.

Stellenbosch University says students are allowed to voice their grievances, but should not interrupt the normal flow of operations.