EE Commission ready to act against non-compliant firms

The commission says they are going after firms who are refusing to transform their workplaces.

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JOHANNESBURG - The Commission for Employment Equity says it's ready to legally punish companies that fail to comply with transformation legislation.

The commission and the Labour Department have held a dialogue with the wholesale sector in Johannesburg to discuss the problem.

Over the past month, the commission has been speaking to various sectors about the problems they face and the reasons behind their failures.

In April, the Commission for Employment Equity released a report showing that in upper levels of management, white people are still getting preference over other race groups.

That prompted Labour Minister Mildred Oliohant to give employers who were not complying with legislation, six months to get their affairs in order.

Now the commission's chair Tabea Kabinde says they are going after those who are refusing to transform their workplaces.

"We started preparing papers to take some of the companies to court."

Once it's spoken to all sectors, the commission will compile a report which it hopes will lead to a change in legislation to give the department more teeth to force compliance.