Mining, catering, finance sectors struggle with transformation

The CEE for employment equity says white males continue to dominate at a top management.

Statistics displayed during a dialogue by the Commission for Employment Equity. Picture: Clement Manyathela/EWN.

JOHANNESBURG - The Commission for Employment Equity (CEE) has identified mining, catering and finance as some of the sectors struggling with a slow pace of transformation.

The commission and the Labour Department have been speaking to various sectors on the challenges they face and the reasons they have failed to comply with legislation on Employment Equity.

Today, it was the wholesale sector's turn to discuss transformation in the workplace.

The CEE says white males continue to dominate at a top management and senior level - across all sectors.

But it's chair, Tabea Kabinde, says some sectors are worse than others.

"Mining is one, catering is the other and finance is the third. There is quite a slow pace of transformation in those three sectors."

She says the department has been given many excuses for non-compliance.

"People are saying the economy has slowed down and therefore opportunities for recruitment and for retention of people is less. The fact that there is a scarcity of skills and that predominantly there is scarce skill still sits with the white individuals."

The CEE says it wants tough action to be taken against companies that refuse to comply.