IFP leader receives petition to end canned hunting of lions

A memorandum with more than 500,000 signatures has been handed over to Mangosuthu Buthelezi.

Lions bred for hunting. Picture: Ian Michler

JOHANNESBURG - Animal welfare organisation Four Paws has handed over a memorandum with more than 500,000 signatures calling on government to end the practice of breeding and hunting ranched lions in the country.

The memorandum was received by Inkhata Freedom Party leader Mangosuthu Buthelezi in Cape Town yesterday.

Buthelezi has affirmed his support in an appeal to the minister of environmental affairs and says legislation on the so-called canned hunting of lions is full of loopholes.

Referring to several years of research, Four Paws says the practice has had a devastating effect.

The organisation's Fiona Miles says: "In South Africa more than a thousand lions are killed every year. Basically these animals are being hand-raised and bred in captivity just to be released for a short period of time and shortly thereafter killed."