Calls for tough action against companies failing to implement labour legislation

The Commission for Employment Equity says the picture of transformation in top management is grim.

Picture: iStock.

JOHANNESBURG - The Commission for Employment Equity (CEE) says unless tough action is taken against companies for failing to implement labour legislation, black people will remain at the bottom of the food chain.

Earlier today, the commission and the Department of Labour met with representatives in the wholesale sector in Fourways to discuss transformation in the workplace.

Discussions also included other sectors of the economy on the challenges and reasons for their failure to comply with the law.

Although Labour Minister Mildred Oliphant gave employers who do not meet the employment equity criteria six months to get their houses in order earlier this year, CEE Chair Tabea Kabinde says there has been little transformation.

"Irrespective of sector, you still find top management is still predominantly white."

She says even though there is a high rate of resignations by white males in top management from organisations, the picture of transformation remains grim.

"But these people are still being recruited in other organisations at this level."

The commission will now compile a report with recommendations to the labour minister; it's already indicated it wants tough action to be taken against employers failing to comply with the legislation.