AfriForum vows to defend rights of UFS students

UFS is phasing out Afrikaans as a medium of instruction, despite a court ruling that as unconstitutional.

FILE: A statue of former apartheid era leader CR swart was vandalised on the University of the Free State main campus in Bloemfontein. Picture: Reinart Toerien/EWN."

JOHANNESBURG - AfriForum has vowed to continue defending the rights of students at the University of the Free State to be taught in the Afrikaans language.

On Monday, the High Court in Bloemfontein ruled in favour of the civil rights organisation and Trade Union Solidarity to halt the university's decision to change its language policy.

UFS has decided to go ahead with its phasing out of Afrikaans as a medium of instruction, despite the court ruling that the move is unconstitutional.

The university has since applied to both the Supreme Court of Appeal and Constitutional Court for leave to appeal against the judgment.

AfriForum's Alana Bailey said, "The university urgently wants to appeal against the decision and we are prepared to defend our standpoint of Monday (sic). So we are getting ready for this appeal and I think it's a pity that the university doesn't abide by the ruling of the court but keeps appealing."