Tshwane latest municipality to impose water restrictions

Tshwane has called for a 15% reduction on urban water use and a 20% cut on irrigation water use.

Picture: freeimages.com.

PRETORIA - The Tshwane Municipality has imposed water restrictions as the country, and Gauteng in particular, adapts to worsening drought conditions.

The City of Johannesburg imposed similar restrictions last week, while Ekurhuleni did the same yesterday.

The Tshwane Municipality receives nearly three quarters of its water from Rand Water, with the remainder sourced from municipal water treatment works and boreholes.

With the growing strain on Rand Water's source, the integrated Vaal River system, the city has now had to impose its own restrictions.

Tshwane city management has called for a 15 percent reduction on urban water use and a 20 percent cut on irrigation water use.

Consumers are not permitted to water their gardens with a hosepipe or sprinklers between six in the morning and six in the evening; wash vehicles with hosepipes or fill their swimming pools.

It has further warned that if the situation does not improve, it will be forced to impose a tariff hike, increased policing as well as water shedding.