New Zealand sprinter smashes Oscar Pistorius's record

Double amputee Liam Malone has stolen the hearts of many with his will to win.

New Zealand's Liam Malone celebrates after winning the men's 200m race at the Olympic Stadium during the Paralympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil on 12 September 2016. Picture: AFP.

CAPE TOWN - New Zealand's Liam Malone is proof that dreams can come true.

The 22-year-old athlete has grabbed gold in the men's 200 metre T44 final at the Rio Paralympics, smashing Oscar Pistorius's record in a time of 21,06 seconds.

Malone, who gained his second medal after the win, beat Pistorius' record that was 21,30 seconds.

Last week he gained a silver medal after finishing in second place in the men's 100m T44 final and later shared a powerful tribute to his mother, who died four years ago after battling cancer.

Thanks to many donations, the Kiwi was able to buy blades following an interview three years ago, when he said he wanted to participate in the Games but didn't have funding.

In an interview with New Zealand's Stuff, his coach said he always believed Malone would do well in the 200m but didn't expect him to break a record.

"I was really proud of him. He's worked hard for it, so he's deserved everything he gets," he said.

Malone was born with fibular hemimelia, a rare disorder that affects both legs. He had both his legs amputated when he was 18 months old, according to a report.