Bob Hewitt to report to prison soon

The Constitutional Court dismissed his application to appeal against his rape and sexual assault convictions.

Former tennis champion Bob Hewitt. Picture: Gia Nicolaides/EWN.

JOHANNESBURG - Convicted sexual offender Bob Hewitt now has seven working days to report to prison after the Constitutional Court denied him the opportunity to appeal against his rape and sexual assault convictions.

Hewitt submitted a petition to have his case heard in the highest court in the land yesterday - but the matter was dismissed.

In March last year, the 76-year-old former doubles Grand Slam champion was found guilty on two counts of rape and one of sexual assault.

Hewitt has until next Wednesday to report to prison where he will begin serving his six-year jail term.

Hewitt was allowed to remain under house arrest pending his appeals.

His lawyer Johan Engelbrecht says they accept the Constitutional Court's decision.

"The ConCourt is the highest court as far as constitutional matters are concerned in the land. We took a constitutional point, so that's final."

The high court found that the former tennis champion abused three women when he was their tennis coach in the 80s and 90s, while they were teenagers and preteens.