UFS language policy dispute to be heard in court today

AfriForum & Solidarity want the university to halt the implementation of its new language policy.

Picture: Saps.

JOHANNESBURG - The High Court in Bloemfontein will today hear an application by AfriForum and trade union Solidarity who want the University of the Free State to halt the implementation of its new language policy.

The university has decided to go ahead with its phasing out of Afrikaans as a medium of instruction, despite a court ruling that declared the policy unconstitutional.

Earlier this year, the university saw protests over its language policy, with students calling for the scrapping of Afrikaans.

The institution has said it is prepared to defend its policy, despite resistance from some sectors of society.

AfriForum's Alana Bailey says the organisation has unsuccessfully appealed with the university to stop the process.

"Despite several appeals, the university still goes ahead with the implementation and we have to go court again, but we feel this is the only option in order to protect the right of the students."