EFF in KZN raise concerns with some national leadership’s decisions

EFF KZN’s Mthandeni Zungu claims bouncers were sent to beat them up for raising their concerns.

Picture: Masego Rahlaga/EWN.

JOHANNESBURG - The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) in KwaZulu-Natal has raised various concerns with decisions by its national leadership, including the move to vote with the Democratic Alliance in the local government elections.

Members of the party's KZN branch held a briefing this afternoon during which they said they were not consulted in the decision to dissolve its leadership structures in that province and the Eastern Cape.

Ward 26 councillor candidate Mthandeni Zungu claims there are also some budget problems, saying members had to buy their own branded t-shirts during the elections for which they were never reimbursed.

He says he acted as a security guard for the party's leadership on several occasions without remuneration.

Zungu also says they have raised their concerns with the national leadership of the party but had bouncers sent to beat them up instead.

Zungu: Voting with DA was something that was imposed. #EFFKZN

ey ey miss us with your nonsense #EFFKZN! @effsouthafrica is not and will not be turned into ANC lite. if you in movement for money hambha

#EFFKZN if you know that @FloydShivambu is stealing money better show proof or all these people must be expelled

#EFFKZN no1 was pointed a gun to stay if you unhappy you free to go ....

EFF Members in KZN failing to win their wards yet they want to claim popularity on Gupta channel. Banna! #EFFKZN

@mbindwane last time I checked #EFFKZN was disbanded for poor leadership. And who are these clown's

Zungu wants to oust the national leadership says the national leadership is 'broken' #EFFKZN pic.twitter.com/S2CuMEgW3H

SABC not airing this #EFFKZN presser. Ayemsho Juju is happy about this. Tomorrow he will tell us how biased SABC is towards him 💅

@KeNaganaJalo They r confused, funding was discussed n agreed. Voting was agreed to b 4the oppositions in respective municipalities #EFFKZN