FIRST ON EWN: Former SA cricketer allegedly involved in teen assault

Police have confirmed an assault case has been opened against the man, whose name is known to EWN.

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CAPE TOWN - The family of a 14-year-old boy has told Eyewitness News how he was assaulted, allegedly, by a well-known former Proteas cricket player in the Pinelands area.

Police have confirmed an assault case has been opened against the 35-year-old man, whose name is known to EWN.

The sister of the teenage boy says her brother and his friends were confronted by the former cricket player outside their school on Wednesday.

She says the boys had been shouting at passing cars.

"And then he just pulled him by the throat and clamped him against the car and asked him what is it that he said [what did you say to me] and then my brother said they were just playing around."

She adds a group of people who witnessed the confrontation tried to intervene.

"Then two other guys came trying to get my brother out of the car and the guy was just trying to fight them off and closed his door and he continued smacking my brother in the car and hit him really hard across the face and then he sped off."

The man allegedly drove around with the boy for several minutes, all the while hitting him, before dropping him off at his school and leaving his details with a teacher.

The teen was treated at a nearby hospital for cuts and bruises on his face. The former cricketer has responded to EWN, denying the claims.

When contacted via WhatsApp for comment, he said, "How can I assault a 14-year old in front of my kids? I took the 14-year old to Pinelands High School and reported him for swearing me (sic) and throwing little stones in my car."

When asked if he would agree to a short telephonic interview, he replied, "No thanks."