Aurora Mines: Khulubuse Zuma agrees to R23m in damages

Khulubuse Zuma approached the SCA to challenge the court’s ruling, but his application was dismissed.

FILE: Khulubuse Zuma outside the Justice Department offices in Pretoria in 2012. Picture: The Times/Gallo Images.

JOHANNESBURG - Trade Union Solidarity says Khulubuse Zuma has agreed to pay R23 million in damages after the Aurora Mine was liquidated, leaving thousands of people without jobs.

Zuma, Zondwa Mandela and other directors were in control of the Pamodzi Group's Gold Mines.

The High Court found that the directors were reckless in managing the mine, and that they were liable for damages after Aurora was liquidated in 2011.

Zuma approached the Supreme Court of Appeal to challenge the court's ruling, but his application was dismissed.

The union's Gideon du Plessis says this means some of the workers will receive a portion of the money that is due to them.

"Khulubuse Zuma realised that he exhausted every single legal avenue to frustrate and delay. So he agreed to pay R23 million into the Pamodzi estate for the damages. That money can now be utilised to pay outstanding salaries for workers."