Johannesburg to get tougher on water wastage

A flat fine will be issued to those who break the city's new water usage rules.

Watering generic. Picture: Twitter @JHBwater

JOHANENSBURG - Johannesburg Water says that informal settlements do not consume as much water compared to wealthier areas.

Tighter water restrictions will be implemented in the coming weeks to ensure the city can meet the water department's instruction to reduce consumption by 15 percent.

The restrictions include bans on irrigation during the day, filling up of swimming pools using municipal water and using hosepipes to wash cars.

Johannesburg Environment MMC Anthony Still says that when it comes to car wash businesses, only the use of buckets or automatic systems will be allowed.

Still says that a flat fine will be issued to those who break the rules.

"The only change we've introduced to level two is to say you can't use sprinklers. Before there was no restriction on using sprinklers outside the restricted hours but this time we're saying no sprinklers at all."

The CSIR says these are mainly precautionary measures and don't signal a disaster.

The organisation's Marius Claassen says: "The provincial issue is around rainfall agriculture, but in terms of water supply and the restrictions in terms of urban water use that's slightly a different issue because there's still lots of water available in our dams.

"It's just that we need to use that water carefully to make sure that it's going to last until we start receiving more rain."