Minister Gigaba hears LGBTI plea to ban homophobic pastor

Controversial American pastor Steven Anderson is expected to visit the country soon.

Steven Anderson, American pastor. Picture: Screengrab via YouTube.

JOHANNESBURG - Home Affairs Minister Malusi Gigaba says South Africa won't tolerate any foreign nationals who come to the country to spread homophobia and other forms of hate.

Gigaba was speaking in Pretoria yesterday where he addressed a request by members of the LGBTI community to ban gay-bashing pastor Steven Anderson from entering the country on a planned recruitment drive.

The Arizona-based pastor has also faced rejection from restaurants and hotel chains in South Africa due to his homophobic utterances.

In one of his most recent controversial statements, Anderson celebrated the killing of 49 LGBTI people at the Pulse night club in Orlando.

Gigaba says South Africa is strongly opposed to hate speech and won't accept it from visitors.

"We will therefore never encourage any individual to come from their own country to promote such backward and savage views in our country, under any pretext. Particularly under religious pretext."

But he says there are several factors that need to be considered before a decision can be made on whether to declare anti-gay pastor Anderson an 'undesirable person'.

Gigaba says if Anderson is allowed into the country his visit will have strong conditions attached to it, one of them being that he would not be allowed to address any gatherings to spread homophobic sentiments.