Sans Souci governing body discusses a new code of conduct

Protests over the school’s policy regarding hair and language erupted last week.

FILE: Protesters preventing a teachers car from leaving the Sans Souci Schools premises. Picture: Anthony Molyneaux/EWN.

CAPE TOWN - Western Cape Education MEC Debbie Schafer says the governing body at Sans Souci Girls' High School held an emergency meeting yesterday to discuss drawing up a new code of conduct.

Protests over the school's policy regarding hair and language erupted last week.

Some current and former learners have described the policies as discriminatory.

Schafer says she's personally intervened to try and defuse tensions.

"We has a senior delegation there and we agreed between us that it would be better if the principal was not at school today until we finish this investigation."

She adds the situation at Sans Souci is worrying.

"Previous teachers are also saying there is merit to these allegation, and they haven't been happy at the school, that there is an atmosphere of fear and they are constantly being watched."