Gauteng ANC calls for special national consultative conference

The ANC’s Hope Papo says there is unanimous agreement that a special consultative conference is needed.

The African National Congress (ANC) leadership dabbing at the Siyanqoba Rally on 30 July 2016. Picture: EWN.

JOHANNESBURG - The Gauteng African National Congress (ANC) has called for a special national consultative conference to be attended by the alliance and different formations to discuss among other things the state of the party.

The Provincial Executive Committee (PEC) has been in a meeting this weekend and has resolved that the special gathering be held to discuss the interventions needed.

On Friday, Gauteng ANC chair Paul Mashatile said the organisation was at a political cross roads and tough decisions needed to be made to save the soul of the party.

The Gauteng ANC's Hope Papo says there is unanimous agreement that a special consultative conference is needed.

"The purpose of a broad consultative conference should be, among others, to number one, to assess the state of the nation and agree on the necessary interventions to pursue the objectives of the National democratic revolution.

"Number two is to assess the state of the ANC alliance and broad democratic forces and agree on the necessary interventions to unite and rebuild."

The PEC has also raised concerns about different government ministers and state owned enterprises that have been in public spats, saying contradictory statements undermine policy coherence.

The Gauteng ANC has also strongly discouraged members from participating in tomorrow's campaign to occupy Luthuli House.


Mashatile said he believes the current PEC meeting will provide a watershed moment for the party, where it will save its soul.

He said the organisation needs to manage perceptions that the ANC has become complacent to corruption and condescending when members speak out against the ills of the party.

Mashatile has told top ranking ANC officials not to fall into the trap of believing the party had won the election because that would plunge it into further denialism.

The Gauteng ANC chair has conceded that the pain felt by the party has been self-inflicted and deep introspection is needed urgently.

He said it is time they listened to the voters when they cry about the organisations complacency and when it comes to corruption.

Mashatile has spoken about the alien tendencies of ill-discipline, despicable arrogance and inexplicable denialism that have riddled the ANC in recent times.