#OccupyLuthuliHouse: Tshwane ANCYL issues warning to comrades

ANCYL leaders in Tshwane say they will open a case of fraud against those planning to occupy Luthuli House.

ANC members who claim to be from Tshwane stop Occupy Luthuli House briefing. Picture: Clement Manyathela/EWN.

JOHANNESBURG - African National Congress Youth League (ANCYL) leaders in Tshwane say they will open a case of fraud against their own comrades who held a briefing to plan the occupation of Luthuli House.

The members, who identified themselves as ANCYL members, say they are representing African National Congress (ANC) members who plan to lead a mass demonstration at ANC headquarters on Monday.

The Occupy Luthuli House Campaign is seeking the immediate resignation of President Jacob Zuma and the whole ANC National Executive Committee, saying they have failed in holding the president accountable.

They have also called for a task team comprising struggle stalwarts to be formed and take the ANC to a consultative conference for renewal.

But Tshwane ANCYL chair Lesego Makhubela says this is not in their name.

"These people are representing the views of branches, so they must prove in a court of law which branches are those; when did those branches convene and where their membership resides."

Makhubela has warned those planning to occupy Luthuli house next week, saying if they continue with the demonstration, they will find 'real' ANCYL members waiting for them.