Trollip: Rugby is mismanaged and contaminated by politics

He's reiterated his intent on wanting to see a marked improvement in the running of rugby in the region.

FILE: Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality’s new Mayor Athol Trollip. Picture: Xolani Koyana/EWN.

CAPE TOWN - Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality's new Mayor Athol Trollip says he will not allow a further R14 million to be handed as support for the beleaguered Easter Province Rugby Union.

This comes after the municipality promised R6 million to the union immediately after the commercial arm of EP rugby was liquidated by the Port Elizabeth High Court last month.

Following the announcement of the support package, the municipality stated it would be looking to hand a further R14 million on top of the R6 million to bailout the financially stricken union.

The union under the stewardship of Cheeky Watson has been in a constant state of crisis since it failed to pay its staff and players in July and August of 2015.

In January this year, 36 players went to court to sue for liquidation - the players were owed in excess of R18 million in outstanding payments.

Trollip said, "Rugby (Eastern Province) has been badly mismanaged and so contaminated by politics," adding that he was content with the decision to support the initial support package.

"The outgoing administration passed a budget of R6 million for Eastern Province Rugby towards the end of last term, and I don't know have a problem with that."

Trollip then goes onto speak up the secondary funding which he took issue with.

"Then there was an application for a further R14 million and I put a stop to that, because rugby needs to get their house in order and that has nothing to do with the municipality and everything to do with rugby and their administration."

Trollip says Eastern Province rugby must provide a definitive road map if they were to consider more funding in the future.

"I need all the stakeholders to convince me that any money given by the city is going to have a return and that it is not going to disappear into a liquidators' black hole or into a black hole of maladministration."

He then reiterated his intent on wanting to see a marked improvement in the running of rugby in the region.

"Until I am convinced, there will be no funding, essentially they have to get their house in order and come up with a proper proposal that will ensure the investment will have a return and it won't just be squandered."