SA's divorce rate up by 5% since 2015

South African marriage week organisers say says marriage culture is declining in South Africa.

Picture: Free Images.

CAPE TOWN - More couples are choosing the option of divorce over marriage counselling.

That's according to the organisers of South African Marriage Week, which runs from the 1 to 7 September.

The latest marriage and divorce data released by Statistics South Africa shows the divorce rate up by almost five percent since 2012.

While an increase in live-in relationships has seen a drop in the number of couples getting hitched.

SA marriage week's Rene Basson says marriage culture is declining in South Africa.

"People are scared to commit because it is much more difficult to commit in marriage than it is to simply live together."

Basson adds the sanctity of marriage must be promoted.

"If you don't focus on the wellbeing of your marriage, somewhere along the line it is going to fall apart and unfortunately then people, instead of fixing what is wrong, they take what they think is the easy way out."