Gordhan is cooperating with Hawks - lawyers

Last week Gordhan refused to appear before the Hawks to give them a warning statement.

Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan at the Sars briefing on 01 April 2016. Picture: Christa Eybers/EWN

JOHANNESBURG - Lawyers representing Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan have released a statement to correct the perception that he has not been cooperating with the Hawks.

Last week Gordhan refused to obey a demand from the Hawks that he give them a warning statement, saying he believed the unit was trying to intimidate them.

The Hawks are investigating a controversial investigative unit set up at the revenue service when the finance minister headed the organisation.

In a statement, Gildenhuys Malatji Attorneys say Minister Gordhan responded fully to all the Hawks' enquiries and offered to provide further assistance that they might require, insisting that he acted in accordance with the law.

The statement was issued to clarify that the finance minister is not above the law, after he refused to give the Hawks a warning statement last week.

Gordhan has repeatedly said that he will not play along with the unit's attempt to humiliate him.

Meanwhile, the National Prosecuting Authority says no decision has been taken in terms of pursuing the matter further or arresting Gordhan.