Female apprentice boilermaker hopes to inspire young girls

Asisipho Maqhashu message to young women is to reach for the stars.

A screengrab of Asisipho Maqhashu. Picture: Facebook/Asisipho Maqhashu.

CAPE TOWN - A 26-year-old Kuils River woman says she hopes to be a role model for young girls and to challenge them to dare to dream.

Asisipho Maqhashu works as an apprentice boilermaker at Damen Shipyards in Cape Town.

Today marks the end of National Women's Month.

Maqhashu is comfortable in her daily uniform of overalls, safety boots, a hard hat and goggles.

Maqhashu, who is from Ncobo, a rural village in the Eastern Cape, says most of her peers dreamed about becoming teachers. She wanted something else.

Grinder in hand, Maqhashu says she demands respect from her male co-workers and often reminds them she's a lady.

"They don't treat any differently, at times they forget that I'm a woman. During conversations they sometimes call me 'brah.'"

Maqhashu's message to young women is to reach for the stars.