Tegeta contract probe: Eskom finally sends documents to Treasury

Public Enterprises Minister Lynne Brown instructed the state utility to hand over the documents today.

Picture: Reinart Toerien/EWN.

JOHANNESBURG - Eskom says it has sent all documents related to a coal contract with Tegeta to National Treasury following the request from the Public Enterprises Minister Lynne Brown.

Brown says she instructed the state utility to deliver the documents so that Treasury can complete its review.

"I've asked Eskom today to release the 172-page document to Treasury whether or not as required by Treasury it has gone to the board or not so that we can put this matter to bed."

Brown says there's no proof that the coal from Tegeta is sub-standard or that Eskom paid the Gupta owned company in advance, saying she will wait for the outcome of the investigation before she acts.

The finance ministry has said it would like to categorically state that its efforts to get this information were met with resistance, despite the fact Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan has escalated the request for information about the contracts to Eskom Chair Ben Ngubane.

At around 4pm, Eskom spokesperson Khulu Phasiwe says the documents were en route to the Treasury's offices.

"We have dispatched a driver to go and deliver the documents. It is a relatively thick document so we could not send it by email but it will be delivered before 5pm today."

Eskom has also insisted it has been co-operating with the finance ministry, saying it has provided the necessary information that was requested.

It had compiled a response to Treasury's report into the contracts and it was due to be tabled for consideration by the board next month, but this morning Brown made it clear that it should be submitted today.

Phasiwe says they were going to submit this report next month but have decided to do so now.

"The kind of case that we currently see between Eskom and Treasury is not something that ideally should happen. But we hope with us sending that information today is going to help us resolve the matter."

Brown says if there is any wrongdoing or proof that payments were made to Tegeta in advance, action will be taken, but only on the conclusion of the investigation.