Eskom surprised by Treasury’s claim around Tegeta contract

Eskom’s previously denied claims that proper procedures weren’t followed when signing the Tegeta contract.

Picture: Reinart Toerien/EWN

JOHANNESBURG - Eskom has hit back at claims from the National Treasury this afternoon that it's refusing to hand over documents relating to a coal contract with the Gupta owned company Tegeta.

The finance ministry has said today it would like to categorically state that its efforts to get this information had met with resistance.

It's also claimed that the power utility has failed to honour undertakings to provide this information, and has ignored its correspondence.

The National Treasury says Eskom has not done what it promised to do, when it said it would hand over certain information to allow the finance ministry to complete its review of these contracts with Tegeta.

Eskom has previously denied claims that proper procedures were not followed when signing this contract with the Gupta-owned company.

Now, the utility's Khulu Phasiwe says they deny this accusation from the Treasury.

"We insist that we are cooperating with the National Treasury, and we do have documentary proof to show that we have been providing them with the information they were requesting."

At the same time, Eskom group executive Matshela Koko says the power utility is shocked by the recent claim.

"We are very surprised that National Treasury has come out in the manner they have, which is very unfortunate. We received the report from National Treasury on 12 April. The report was very clear that they want the board to approve all the requests that they are requesting from us, and we have cooperated, we have engaged with them and done everything that we had to do."

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