[LISTEN] Oops! What to do after sharing sexual content online by mistake

When the whole world knows what your private bits look like, what are you to do? You can either keep quiet and hope it ends soon or tackle the situation head on.

CAPE TOWN - When sexual content is sent to the wrong destination and ends up being shared over and over on social media, what is one to do? This is a situation that a North West woman known as Margharet found herself in this week.

Social media was abuzz after Margharet mistakenly posted an image of her genitals, intended for her husband, to a school hockey mothers' WhatsApp group.

One of the group members took a screenshot of the image and posted it on social media.

Digital expert Dave Duarte says you can either keep quiet and hope the world forgets about your mistake or you can publicly address the seriousness of the matter.

Another extreme option, according to Duarte, is to change one's name.

In the SoundCloud above, Duarte gives more options on what you can do should you find yourself in Margharet's shoes.

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